Easyling Release Notes January, 2021

After the holiday season, we returned having gained a few kilograms and renewed enthusiasm for improving Easyling. This month, we added the option to clone projects and fixed tons of minor annoyances on the Dashboard. Read the full article for the details.

We also started work on some really nice features that aren’t ready for release yet. Keep an eye on our upcoming release notes to be the first to hear about them.

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Easyling Release Notes December, 2020

Happy New Year! I hope your holidays were as fabulous as ours. In December, we added features to the Dashboard 2.0 and we improved backend processes. We moved Sharing settings and the Payment options to the Dashboard 2.0 getting yet another step closer to finally shutting the old one down. We also redesigned the Publishing wizard to make it easier to use. See the details after the jump!

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Easyling Release Notes November, 2020

When you add features to a piece of software, you are likely to add bugs as well. We spent this month eliminating them from Easyling and adding some smaller quality of life changes to improve it. Our updated recommended settings are now used when starting a crawl is started when creating your project, Machine Translation credentials can be better managed and the Access-Control-Request-Headers is now forwarded to the source website. We also added another option to customise the experience on your Whitelabel. Read all the details below.

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Easyling Release Notes September, 2020

Autumn is here and it’s beautiful. Unfortunately, we can’t see much of it as we are still stuck inside due to the pandemic. The good news is that we can keep adding features to Easyling without distractions. This month, we made the Dashboard 2.0 the default landing page and added the option to create Work packages with settings based on previous packages. Read the full article for the details!

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Easyling Release Notes October, 2020

This month was mostly business as usual. Well, as close to that as possible during the pandemic. We integrated a new machine translation engine, Systran. Additionally, you can now specify project-level MT credentials as well as prevent the use of credentials associated with your account. Read the full article for the details!

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