Easyling Release Notes August, 2021

August is usually the time when everyone goes on holiday and it was just like that with us. At one point, over a third of the team was out of office. However, that can’t stop us! This month we released a couple of cool things. You can now exclude specific HTML elements from translation and we improved our client-side translation option, CREST. See the details after the jump!

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Easyling Release Notes July, 2021

We’ve had the usual amount of rain this month in Hungary if we are looking at the average. What we didn’t expect is that all that rain would fall on one day. Despite some minor rainwater-related incidents, we released some awesome new features this month. It’s now possible to set whether a page should be translated based on its HTTP response code, XML files can now be added to Snapshots and we shut off the old Dashboard in favour of the Dashboard 2. Read the full article

Easyling Release Notes June, 2021

“Was it a busy month?” asked the reader.
“Yes, it really was.” I replied.

This month, we improved so many things that it’s difficult to pick which ones to highlight. We revamped the Project overview, added new options to Advanced settings and unified the way resources and external links are handled. Read on for all the details!

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Easyling Release Notes May, 2021

With over half of the residents in Hungary having received their first dose of the vaccine against Covid-19, life is slowly returning to normal. As such, we are hard at work to improve Easyling for every user. This month, we added many useful features to the backend. The Ignore by classes feature on the Advanced settings now supports wildcards and the Crawler can now store and submit cookies sent by the original server. We also added an option to ban robots from externalised pages (or at least discourage them). Read the full article for the details.

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Easyling Release Notes April, 2021

Our April was fairly busy. As the lease on our headquarters expired, we moved to a new one, still in Budapest, about 5 minutes away from the old one. This may be the only good thing coming out of the lockdowns – as most of us are working from home, we could minimise this impact and be very productive. As vaccines are being rolled out, we are slowly returning to the new place. We released multiple great features like the ability to delete pages and we improved others like the JavaScript/JSON processing tools. We also integrated a new MT engine, DeepL. See the details after the jump!

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