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Every client is different,
every website localization project is different.

Easyling team takes a unique approach to each and every project we are working on. Dealing with the technical and linguistic challenges involved we do our best to find the right solution for you.

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Easyling Solution Experts support you along the way of your website localization project

Project size estimations

  • Website localization project assessment
  • Infrastructure technical analysis
  • Assessment of unique needs
  • Analysis of content: resources, number of source words and scoping

Configurations and custom development

  • Tailor-made solutions for unique needs
  • Configuration for heterogeneous infrastructure or rare CMS
  • Integration of custom systems
    (eg. site-search engines, ERPs and databases, pdf generators)
  • Setup for publishing strategy
    (subdomain or subdirectory, URL translations, CDN, WAF)

Translation quality and workflow setup

  • Neural and AI machine translation included
  • Glossary, Terminology and Translation Memory
  • Human in the loop options - translator, proofreader, reviewer
  • In context proofreading and editing in a browser
  • Content extraction into different document types
  • CAT / TMS integration
  • Live preview and staging


  • Layout adjustments (Left-To-Right <==> Right-To-Left languages)
  • Culturalization - localized resources, custom content serving, custom CSS/JS
  • Multinational SEO setup and optimization
  • Search on localized pages

Up-to-date layout and content on the translated site

  • Establishing publishing cycle
  • Automatic change detection of the original site
  • Immediate or scheduled translation updates

Professional Services

  • Easyling engineers also provide post-publishing technical support with predefined SLA

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