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Our professional team solves the technical challenges you face with your website translation projects so that you can focus on adding more value to your clients.

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We provide you with

  • word count and analysis for the project

  • help scoping and quotation

  • technical assessment and solution proposals

  • content export for translation (XLIFF, TMX, HTML, CSV)

  • support for internationalization (RTL layout adjustments)

  • technical assistance all the way

You can

  • use MT for pre-translation and Post-Edit it (MTPE)

  • import your Translation Memory or build one and export it (XTM)

  • review the content in-context

  • receive notification of new contents added to the site

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Easyling is a language service independent website translation technology solution for language service providers.

We don't offer human language services

With Machine Translation our platform enables budget solutions and provides features for Word Count, Content Extraction, Post-Editing and In-Context Review.

You also can connect your suppliers, vendors or freelancers through the Easyling platform and work together on your projects.

Easyling is not a CAT nor a TMS - it extends the functionalities

Easyling is an online (in-browser) localization tool with a flexible workflow, you don't need to install anything.

Although Easyling Workbench has CAT functionalities, we can provide you with the content of the website in XLIFF so you can use it with your favorite CAT or TMS.

Once the translation is done, Easyling gives you a preview to the live, translated site. Your client also can preview the finished translation in a fully-functional website in its original layout before publication.

Easyling is a robust, highly capable platform for creating multilingual websites

You can learn using and configuring or you can use it as a service. Our solution experts set up your projects and take care of the technical side, so you can focus on what you do best.

Easyling is a solution for a translation agency who

  • wants to grow and expand its offering

  • just entering into website translation field

  • is looking for technology partnership

Valued Partnership with

picture of Frederick Marx, CEO of Keylingo LLC

"In addition to Easyling's capabilities as a technology partner, we also love their business model whereby they only work with and support other LSPs. This model creates a symbiotic relationship between the LSP and Easyling that is good for the language services industry and good for end clients. End clients are assured that they have a partnership that goes beyond the capabilities of most strictly tech companies and provides clients with flexibility that avoids being locked into a relationship that may not work at some point or charges fees where they need not exist. It is a win-win relationship on all fronts."

Frederick Marx, CEO, Keylingo LLC

picture of Elisa Rivero, Managing Director of Keylingo LLC

"Our partnership with Easyling has allowed us to expand our service offering while providing our clients with excellent technology and substantial savings. Working with Easyling has been a great experience, they are highly knowledgeable and responsive. I will highly recommend this solution."

Elisa Rivero, Managing Director

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Easyling Tools for Translation Workflows

  • Word Count and WebSource Analysis for Quotation

    With Easyling, you can give a quote for any website quickly without the need for manual copy-pasting or asking for the content in files from the client. Easyling provides the word and repetition count and you can always rely on our solution experts with scoping and configuration.

  • Content Preparation, XLIFF export from the website

    With Easyling you can extract the content to your own CAT tool (memoQ, Trados, XTM, MemSource, Wordfast, Dejavú and more).

  • Pre-translation with MT

    Easyling provides suggestions and pre-translation options, ready to use any major MT engines and can be used on a segment, page or project level. It can also be used for language detection to auto-collect all the content in the source language.

  • Translation Memory in Easyling

    You can import translations from *.TMX files or populate the translation memory with translations you have added in the Workbench.

    Translation memories are linked to your account and not your project. This way, if you want to, you can have one gigantic translation memory for all of your projects. This is useful if you have multiple projects on the same topic.

  • Web-based Workbench

    Workbench is a simple CAT tool in the cloud. You can translate or post-edit the pre-translated content with it. Its basic functionalities meet the general requirements. You can always connect your favorite CAT or TMS to Easyling too. We support memoQ, XTM, XTRF or any other tool for translation management with Dropbox integration.

  • Highlight View — the In-Context Editor

    The Highlight View renders the page fully and allows in-context verification and modification of the target content.

  • Post Editing

    Easyling provides suggestions and pre-translation options with MT engines and can be used on a segment, page or project level. It can also be used for language detection to auto-collect all the content in the source language.

  • Automatic New Content Detection

    When your client adds new content to their website, you'll get an instant notification, so you can approach them again with your services. Your customer will appreciate your caring attitude.Easyling provides suggestions and pre-translation options with MT engines and can be used on a segment, page or project level. It can also be used for language detection to auto-collect all the content in the source language.

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