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  • CMS-independent website translation solution

  • Free Machine Translation included in subscriptions

  • Pre-translation with Machine Translation

  • Translation using your existing Translation Memory

  • Content extraction to XLIFF, HTML, Excel/CSV

  • In-context review and Post-Editing

  • Automatic source content change detection

  • Immediate or scheduled translation updates

  • JavaScript publishing or Translation Proxy as add-on

  • Subdomain or subdirectory publishing*

  • SEO optimization and search on localized pages*

  • Culturalization, layout adjustments*

Compatible with most major CMS and web-technologies

Easyling is a CMS-independent website translation platform. You can use it to get your website translated regardless of the content management system or custom integrated solutions you use. Whether your website runs on Wordpress, Drupal, Squarespace, HubSpot, Shopify or a custom content management system Easyling can help you deliver your translated content to your customers worldwide.

Translation Workflow supporting Features

Easyling can give you a word count or quote for any website quickly without the need for manual copy-pasting or exporting the content into files.

With Easyling you can collect the content of your website easily and extract the texts to XLIFF to use in a CAT tool (memoQ, Trados, XTM, Wordfast, Dejavú, …) or simply into HTML or CSV file to send for translation. Once the translation is done and uploaded back, Easyling gives you a preview to the live, translated webpage that you can review and post-edit in context.

Easyling provides pre-translation with Machine Translation engines (OpenAI GPT-4 Turbo, Google Translate, DeepL, Systran, Microsoft Translator) and also using Translation Memory. These can be used on a segment, page or project level.

Easyling suggests you the best appropriate MT engine to use for your translation project.

Machine translation is free, it is included in the subscription plan price.

Easyling provides instant visual feedback on how the translation fits in the original layout where you can proofread or even edit the translated pages in a visual editor. The page(s) also can be sent for approval to the appropriate team member.

Easyling is able to provide notification when the content on the website is updated or changed. Immediate or scheduled translation updates can be set even by using machine translation.

Easyling highly supports collaboration without team size limitations. Project Managers can invite an arbitrary number of translators, proofreaders, allocate different parts of the content to them and follow their activities.

Publishing your localized website

Depending on the security and SEO requirements of your website translation project, you can deliver translated content through a JavaScript-based solution or you can choose the more advanced Translation Proxy.

Website translation solution for marketing websites (informational pages, forum, eCommerce, eLearning) or highly regulated, privacy-conscious content owners without going through the proxy.

  • Fast time-to-market with quick and easy website translation / content extraction

  • Leverage neural or AI machine translation only or include human in the loop

  • Machine translation fee is included (OpenAI, Google, Deepl, Microsoft, Systran)

  • Proofreading and post-editing in context

  • Subdomain or subdirectory publishing*

  • SEO friendly with CDN as reverse proxy add-on *

  • Privacy compliant (eg. handle content and data behind login)

  • Unlimited pageviews of the translated pages

*Some features are available as separate add-on(s).

Best possible user experience with CDN integration* for content delivery with unbeatable low latencies

  • Translated website powered by Easyling infrastructure

  • Bleed-through management with snapshots

  • Low latencies, no page flickering

  • More content customization options

  • Subdomain (de.domain.com) or subdirectory (domain.com/de/) publishing

  • Basic SEO supported natively

  • Advanced SEO capabilities and localized search in translated content is available

  • Unlimited pageviews of the translated pages

  • PCI DSS compliant, HIPAA compliant

Some features are available as separate add-on(s).

There are times when nearly everything is stacked against you and cannot modify the site at all. In this seemingly hopeless situation, we have one more ace up our sleeve, the ability to translate the site via a Chrome plugin that can be brought into the company profile using channels already known and used to maintain compliance in client browsers.

SEO setup and Search on localized pages

SEO setup CDN as reverse proxy

We can add SEO capabilities to your localized website published via JavaScript and make it visible to search engines like Google. You can choose to deploy subdomain (de.domain.com) or subdirectory (domain.com/de/) publishing on your website.

This solution also enhances Translation Proxy capabilities to deliver content with unbeatable low latencies.

Search in translated content

Your visitors can use Site Search in the chosen language and get results displaying only localized content with Site Search Add-on.

Layout adjustments

Enable 100% local relevant user experience (culturalization)

Localization of a website requires much more than just translating the content to the proper language. Many languages have linguistic peculiarities, like longer words than the original that won't fit in the same space, not to mention the RTL/LTR discrepancies.

Moreover, if you want to provide your visitors with the best possible user experience, Easyling can enable locale-relevant settings & fine-tuning like different color schemes to set or culturally relevant pictures and contents to add to the relevant localized pages.

Let's see how these features make your website multilingual

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