What’s New in Website Translation?


A Recap of Easyling’s Tool Demo at ATC

Balázs Benedek, CTO and Co-founder of Easyling held a tool demo about the features and differences of Easyling’s new JavaScript-based website translation technology and its Translation Proxy solution. As the first step, all currently available website translation methods were reviewed, then Easyling’s solutions were discussed in more detail. Read the full article

Let us sell your translation service

Let us help you sell your translation services

Selling website translation can be complicated – translation agencies must understand the technology background. Because technology is not your core competency as an LSP, let’s join our forces to bring clients on board.

So here’s our offer: if you have a good prospect with a website translation project, let us join the negotiations on your behalf as your Translation Proxy professionals and help you sell your service. Read the full article

What’s New in Website Translation?


Join Easyling’s Tool Demo at ATC London, 23rd Sept. 2016.

Balázs Benedek, CTO and co-founder of Easyling will demonstrate the new JavaScript-based website translation technology, and explain the most important features and differences of Easyling’s Translation Proxy.

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Easyling Webinar Recap


We had our second webinar, “How to Sell Website Translation?” on September 6th.
Péter Faragó, the CEO of Easyling covered the basic principles, the pros and cons of website translation options and where you can find good website translation prospects.
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Easyling Release Notes – 2016 August


August is a month of celebration in Budapest, and so it was at Easyling as well: while the rest of the country celebrated the national day, we celebrated our brand new documentation, as well as our new updates that make your life easier and the Proxy more powerful. For example, we can now process <video> tags as resources, set page rules to execute on-the-go search&replace operations during proxying, and we have rolled out the public cache accelerator to the public. See the full details after the jump!

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Easyling Release notes – 2016 July


Between the heat and the vacations of July, it has been a fairly light month when it comes to new features. The features that were deployed, however, are just as powerful as always: for instance, project owners now have the ability to execute a regex-based search-and-replace operation over the entire project at the click of a button from the Workbench, or filter a Work Package to include only machine-translated segments (as opposed to including only human-translated ones, or both). Also, there have been a myriad of fixes under the hood, and advancements to speed up our operation. See the details after the jump!

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Easyling Release Notes – 2016. June


June heat has been slowing down development somewhat in Budapest, and this month was heavier on backend improvements and preparation work than it has been on new features being rolled out to the UI. Still, we did manage to complete a few new things, such as wiring up the Client-side Translation feature on the UI (still in beta), rolling out the ability to override content types before translation, and a new crawl interface that allows even more configuration options. See the full details after the jump!

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Where to Find your Next Client


From time to time, every company needs translation services. The question is not who to approach, but when.

There is a segment and timing not considered by LSPs so far, a segment that is about to spend a fortune on introducing their services/products to a foreign market. Read the full article