Make Your WordPress Website Multilingual

Now you can integrate Easyling Website Translation Technologies with your WordPress website via a simple plugin installation.

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Easyling plugin for WordPress

Easyling WordPress plugin enables the integration of Easyling paid website translation services. It eases the subdirectory publishing of the translated website. There's no need for 3rd party reverse proxy such as CloudFront, CloudFlare, nginx, etc.

Easyling offers unlimited pageviews and free machine translation

Easyling is a robust and very scalable website translation solution that offers multiple ways to localize websites.

Subscription starts at 29 USD/month up to 10,000 source words. Plans are based on the number of unique translatable source words of one website domain and cover translation for 1 language. Easyling translates repeating content for free, which could save 50-80% of the cost compared to the total word count.

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First you need to setup Easyling for your WordPress website

Our solution experts set up your website translation project and guide you through the whole process until the publication. We provide guidance on the workflow, steps to take and details to consider according to your business and technical needs

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