Easyling Release Notes - 2017 June

The sweltering weather in Budapest would have ground all work to a standstill if not for our air conditioning. This way, fortunately, we could stay out of the blazing heat and focus on bringing you new features and fixes to make website translation easier. This month, we added integration with Google Neural Machine Translation, as well as a more robust memory-powered pre-translation system. See the details after the jump!

 Google NMT Integration

We have been offering integration with Google NMT for quite some time now, and we’ve also been following the development of Google neural net-powered MT system with great interest and the occasional internal prototype. As Google recently rolled it out to GA (General Availability) we jumped on the bandwagon as soon as we could, and carried out the backend integration. There is no frontend for the feature yet (it’s coming, though), if you possess a Neural MT API-key, our support channel can help you configure your projects to use it and take advantage of Google’s smartest MT system.

Memory-based pre-translation upgrade

This is a more-or-less invisible upgrade, in the sense that you probably wouldn’t realize it’s there until it’s needed. We’ve identified an exceedingly rare issue where changing the segmentation setting for a project during its lifetime can cause TMs for certain entries to become inapplicable. With this upgrade, however, the system will try to “piece together” such entries whenever possible, and apply segmented TMs. This doesn’t mean that every entry that is affected by segmentation changes will be translatable, but it should cut down on the “fallout” of such changes.

Stay tuned for future news of our upgrades and features, so you can take advantage of our latest capabilities!