Easyling Release Notes - 2017 July

Summer is in full swing, and there was no shortage of various convenience fixes, visible and invisible improvements in Easyling this July. Here’s what kept us busy these past few weeks.

Subdirectory publishing protection

Reverse proxies sometimes lack configuration to armor them against recursion in the page source. These are the cases where we end up with URLs collecting path segments infinitely, such as /en/en/en/en/contac-us.

We have rolled out a little something on the backend that will detect these problematic structures. With this improvement in place, your translated sites are protected against such pathname tarpits! No setup required, things just take care of themselves.

URL Transmapping

Speaking of language prefixes in URLs, more and more of our customers are telling us that it doesn’t do to have English content in the URL when the page itself is translated into Spanish.

We listened: URL translation is now a publicly available beta feature, past some heavy live testing. Let us know if you need it and we’ll help you set things up. Stay tuned for its appearance on the Dashboard, too!