Easyling Release Notes – 2017 May

If I had to point out one feature from May that is the most important, it would be the new crawl statistics UI (part of the Dashboard II initiative). There were a number of stability and efficiency fixes as well, but those pale in comparison to the Dashboard II’s newest member. See the full details after the jump!

New Crawl Statistics UI

After the Complexity Matrix, the next addition to the Dashboard II’s capabilities was the new Crawl Statistics UI. Based in Google’s Material design language, this new UI offers a brand new way to to view the statistics of already-completed crawls, whether they are Discoveries or Scans, on a unified interface, and be able to copy a ready-to-evaluate content statistics at the click of a button. You can reach the new Crawl UI from the Dashboard II, which itself can be reached through the Complexity Matrix menu from the Old Dashboard.

Miscellaneous stability/efficiency fixes

Among the little tweaks and fixes that are not immediately visible but nevertheless affect the experience is the better refresh of the crawl statistics when running a Discovery (the sooner you can see the numbers you want when running a crawl the better), and a more reliable JS Content Check (our ability to locate JavaScript-based content on the site by running a headless browser), as well as more reliable wallet statistics export (so that the logged-in user receives it, not only the project owner).

Dedicated demo for You