Easyling Release Notes - 2017 August

How was your summer, dear reader? Over here,  the team was busy taking turns going for a swim in the heat on one hand, and on the other, sticking to development, where the incremental improvement of Easyling doesn’t stop. We have rolled out some invisible and some visible changes to augment Easyling throughout August. Here’s our tally for the month.


Our readers who are well-versed in web technologies will agree that translation of text in JavaScript is a gold mine of edge cases. We just solved another one lately: immediately invoked function expressions with a .call() at the end. Already taken care of - one step closer to JS-translation perfection.

Usage Report

Post-paid customers get some useful pricing information in the Statistics export for easier calculations. We hope that project managers will appreciate this additional information.

Site search - Moving to Bing API from GCSE

Site search integration is one of the more frequent professional requests we find in the Easyling mailbox. When Google decided to retire its paid Google Custom Search Engine offering not long ago, we kept our eye on the ball – to avoid any service disruptions, we had to look for another search provider to integrate with.

Done. We have good interoperability with the Bing Search API in our usual JavaScript-based site search solution - so drop us a line if you need one!

Improvements and fixes

Bugfix pixie has been popping up all over the place and leaving it a whole lot cleaner than she had found it. Optimizations galore that we don’t usually have the time to do – just the thing for those of us on office guard duty.

We hope that you had time to relax a bit this month. We are gearing up for a busy autumn of proxy translation, and it’s up to you to show us how it will look!