Release Notes – 2017 September

Building upon the foundations laid down in previous releases, September brings you a brand new feature in Easyling: Direct Translation API. This allows content providers to integrate a fast translation service for various reusable content, such as newsletters. See the details after the jump!

Direct Translation API (BETA)

The aim of this feature is to receive and translate texts or HTML fragments (e.g. parts of an HTML newsletter) without the need of visiting the translated website via the proxy, leveraging only existing translations in Easyling’s dictionary. It is assumed that the content to translate is the same as it on the website (on block level), and that the contained entries are already translated in the given Easyling project. This allows content providers to use the API for the live translation of newsletters, commercial transaction emails, and similar messages containing reusable content (such as templates and similar) by sending the content to Easyling before processing it with the messaging service.

The service may receive multiple content blocks to translate in a single request, but they all need to be associated with the same Easyling project and target language. However, parallel request for translating the same content into different target languages may be initiated as required. The size and the number of the contents should be kept relatively low in order to be able to keep the one minute response time that is required by our technical architecture.

For more information on how to leverage this new capability, please contact our support so that we can provide you with specifications and guidelines. As always, we are looking for partners willing to utilize the function as testers to explore the outer limits of this new capability.

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