Easyling Release Notes October, 2021

Release notes are never late, nor are they early, they arrive precisely when they are meant to.

Either Gandalf or a member of our support team, I’m not entirely sure.

This month, we focused on Machine translation and improved it significantly. Read more about this and the other smaller features we added after the jump!

Google Translate with tags

As you all certainly know, when translating content, the context is key. The Highlight view of the Workbench provides this context for human translators to greatly improve the quality of their work. However, what if you wish to use a machine translator engine like Google Translate? Well, we can send the segments over but until now, we had no way to provide context. The MT engine got a plain text segment.

With this month’s update, we now send complete HTML snippets to the engine so that it can use the formatting and semantic information to inform the translations. This has the potential to greatly increase the quality of machine translations.

Usage reports for target languages

More data is always great, right? I certainly think so. With that in mind, this month, we added a user-requested feature: usage reports can now be restricted to a specific target language. Use this data to inform business decisions - do a bit more marketing for the language that isn’t used as heavily. Or just marvel at the large number of visitors for the most successful language. It’s all up to you.

One more thing

No, we aren’t going to announce a new MacBook here. I just wanted to mention that the parameters of Work packages are now compressed so that you can add longer page lists in the filters. This will benefit you if you need to filter a specific section of a large site by the list of their URLs.