Easyling Changelog - v718

2020, Jun 8. - Easyling.com

New features:

1702 feature frontend added a new option that allows users to generate a Work Package when you set up a Content Extraction crawl.
1711 feature HighlightView updating such an entry's translation that has linked entries on the same page will now result in Highlight View properly updating the translations of linked entries too.
1703 feature WorkBench In "Lenient workflow role checking for editing" mode, confirming a segment will consider the user's selected workflow role when done via Save and Confirm, the Tick icon in List View or from Bulk Actions dialog.


1688 fix WorkBench Last update timestamps of translations are now sent with the entries to the frontend in order to filter for recently changed translations.
1705 fix backend Fixed an issue when the auto import function kept retrying even when the import had already finished.
1714 fix backend Created a new tool that allows to run a Content Connector process just with a list of pages, and so fixing the incorrect data generated by crawling a site without proper gateway functionality.
1700 fix WorkBench Better care of how cursored requests are handled
1712 fix WorkBench when updating the translation of a segment, the editor's selected workflow role is considered when assigning a special `-EDITED` workflow state