Easyling Changelog - v720

Jun 8, 2020 - Easyling.com

New features:

1728 feature backend By default, this new option called *Skip resource collecting (faster crawl, populate External links only)* is enabled in Crawl Wizard tool. The crawl won't check the content-type of the external links by preflight request in this case, it just populates them.
1719 feature frontend new option called *Start Discovery along with project creation* is available in the Create New Project section


1713 fix WorkBench when starting a pre-translation on the Workbench, the pre-translation will now consider the user's selected workflow role when determining what "confirmed" state of the segments mean.
1717 fix backend Some optimization in the algorithm that decides if an URL found on a web page should be analyzed more during a crawl.
1731 fix frontend added tooltip for JS files in Previous Exports menu