Easyling Release Notes - 2017 November

Dec 12, 2017 - Easyling.com

November has passed uneventfully in Budapest, and in gearing up for the holiday season, the Translation Proxy team has put out a few new features working behind the scenes. The system is now more stable when handling ASP.NET pages, able to handle UTF-16/32 pages without a hitch, and in a little housekeeping, you can now request Support to remove pages of a given status code from the project. See the details after the jump!

ASP.NET handling

ASP.NET has been giving us some headache in the past due to its special format that includes a size figure that prevents the client from correctly interpreting the response if incorrect (and that is inevitably changed from the original during translation).

Though the solution is still in beta, we have added the capability to detect the size and rewrite it to the figure after translation, so that it is still viable after translation. The feature does not have a UI as of now, but you can request Support to enable it on the paths you deem necessary.

UTF-16/UTF-32 handling

Though much of the internet runs on UTF-8 encoding, every now and then, we encounter a website that uses one of the rarer encoding schemes. The latest was that of UTF-16. Quickly, we have added the ability to detect and handle UTF-16/UTF-32 pages. This change is instantly effective, so that in the future, pages like these can be processed.

Improved housekeeping

Support has possessed the ability to remove pages from a project for some time now, mainly used in “housekeeping” requests (thinning out the page list to make it more manageable), but so far, this was based on a regular expression. This month, we have added the ability to delete all pages of a certain HTTP status code (indicated by the colored tags on the right of the page list, such as the green 301 or red 404).

As with the regular page removal function, this is not yet public, but you can requisition support to help you with thinning out an overgrown page list.