Easyling Changelog - v430

Feb 8, 2016 - Easyling.com

New features:

394 feature dashboard accept literal IPv4/IPv6 addresses as staging domains
405 feature backend, crawler crawl log more resistant to infrastructure problems
395 feature backend logs added with name of user and if the login with basic authentication was successful
403 feature backend, TMs ability to populate memories for specific languages (BETA)
404 feature backend ability to specify gateway for crawler/serving requests (BETA)


401 fix Dashboard allow empty VAT numbers (but add on country-specific VAT)
393 fix login replace Google logo
387 fix Dashboard only show cache selector when applicable
397 fix Dashboard non-owners may no longer access the Discovery dialog
396 fix backend If creation time of source entry is missing, instead of throwing error, we just leave out that note out of the XLIFF export
400 fix backend, crawler improve robustness over extremely large crawls
402 fix backend more robust profiler framework