Easyling Changelog - v402

Oct 14, 2015 - Easyling.com

New features:

275 feature backend crawls can now generate binary caches during crawl
278 feature backend, memory more verbose logging of memory writes
273 feature backend DOM-paths are now added as notes to XLIFF exports and Work Packages
281 feature Workbench increase page fetch limit to 250
265 feature Dashboard Page Content Override input now determines syntax highlighting based on entered content type
279 feature backend Auto Pre-Translation aborts mid-run if balance is depleted


282 fix Workbench Pusher will no longer throw errors when the same projects is open in two places at once
286 fix backend fortified handling of aborted/cancelled tasks
283 fix backend URL mapping works correctly regardless of the presence or absence of trailing solidus
274 fix dashboard Subdirectory publishing made visible for everyone