Easyling Changelog - v367

Jun 17, 2015 - Easyling.com

New Features:

feature (dashboard) - Download menu under Account and download button under Dashboard/Project statistics now available to retrieve project statistics via email for post paid users. feature (dashboard) - Subdirectory publishing now visible in Publish website feature (workbench) - Go-to-segment expanded, made more robust feature (workbench) - Animated opening for search toolbar


fix (sales tool) - MT engines now set properly fix (dashboard) - Support tab no longer above faders fix (dashboard) - Mass Exclusion now reloads the Pages list immediately fix (dashboard) - Publish Website visibility fixed fix (dashboard) - Pages list updates properly when exclusions are cherry-picked fix (dashboard) - New placeholder for local response headers field fix (dashboard) - GeoFluent API cannot be activated without valid credentials fix (dashboard) - Minor layouting issues on Dashboard fix (dashboard) - Removed a superfluous spinner fix (workbench) - Workpackage pages are now displayed in correct alphabetical order.