Change log

Easyling Changelog - v725

New features: 1745 feature backend The y-proxy now blanks out content that doesn't need to be translated, only leaving uncaptured content that needs translation. Fixes: 1761 fix backend Crawls now process pages where the content size is above 1 MB (but below 4 MB). Read the full article

Easyling Changelog - v727

Fixes: 1767 fix Dashboard 2.0 Fixed an issue where the project statistics card on the project overview was visible to users who don't have access to the data. (No data was shown, only the empty card.) Read the full article

Easyling Changelog - v728

New features: 1764 feature backend and dashboard 2.0 Added the option to override the default lang attribute added to every translated page 1751 feature Dashboard 2.0 Language selector moved to the DA2 Read the full article

Easyling Changelog - v729

New features: 1759 feature backend, dashboard 2.0 External links can be replaced (provided they are first added by a "specific pages" crawl) 1768 feature frontend Migrating Translation Memory to Dashboard 2.0 1754 feature dashboard 2.0 JSON Path tester fix and moving some related features to new Dashboard. Read the full article

Easyling Changelog - v722

Fixes: 1741 fix backend Audit log entries are now created if Auto Pre-Translate configuration is changed. 1739 fix WorkBench Fix of faulty Machine Translation request sent when a suggestion was offered. Read the full article