Easyling Release Notes July, 2020

Second month into summer, neither the heatwave nor the virus-caused restrictions could hold us back from releasing new features. Stay safe and enjoy the updates from Easyling!

Project overview

A new card for Project overview has been created, so from now on, the project’s wallet can be checked with ease by anyone whether it’s their project or not. You can find the project wallet inside of the Project overview, while the My wallet option stayed in the profile dropdown.

Project wallet
My wallet


One more proxy mode has been added to our Pages list. 

First, let me return to the X-proxy for a second. In the case of the X-proxy, we display the translatable text as Xxxxx, so as a result, untranslatable content will appear in the form of letters, immediately visible.

The Y-proxy works the same way, but instead of Xxxxx’s, it substitutes spaces for translatable text. But why do we display the unprocessed content? Our final goal is to make all text translatable on the website, so the system can be configured properly and process the previously-untranslatable texts as well.


Language Selector

We moved the language selector feature to the Dashboard 2.0. New place, same function. Just select the target languages you want to display on the translated page. After that, you can either choose the sidebar or dropdown display option.

Language selector-1
Language seector-2

Custom language attribute

Until now the HTML language attribute was in accord with the locale code of the target language as a default.
From now on, you can change this attribute, in order to improve rankings for the website. It’s particularly useful in case the locale is to be used as a generic language, as you can see it in the screenshots below.

Custom language attribute-1
Custom language attribute-2

External pages

From now on, all links from domains outside the translated site are placed under the External Links tab by the crawler. Those to be translated must be moved manually to the Resources tab. The old translatable external links, which are still under the External links tab can be easily moved to the Resources tab, as shown below.

External pages API-1
External pages API
External pages API
Dedicated demo for You