Easyling Release Notes March, 2021

COVID-19 was declared a pandemic a year ago. The 2 week long lockdown to flatten the curve is still in place. Time flies! We are still mostly working from home but as vaccination is getting more and more widespread, we hope to return to face to face work shortly. We spent most of our time improving existing features this month but we also added a few that are new: Bearer tokens can be passed to the crawler and Pages can now be deleted from Snapshots. Read the full article for the details!

Bearer tokens

No, not the scary kind of bears. These tokens are used for authentication on systems using OAuth 2.0. It’s a string that acts as an authentication of the request and is sent in an HTTP Authorization header. It works very similar to passing cookies to the crawler. With this feature, you can crawl pages protected by login via OAuth 2.0. Just log in, refresh the site, take the value of the Authorization header and enter it into the Bearer Token field on the Access replay tab of step 4 of the Crawl Wizard. The crawler will supply this token alongside every request it sends.

Bearer token

Remove a page from the current Snapshot

With this option, available in the context menu of a page in the Pages list, you can make sure that a page is always up to date and requested from the original site, not served from the snapshot. Use this feature if you accidentally added an unnecessary extra page but you don’t want to clear and rebuild the snapshot in question (which could be costly). Note that this way, the bleedthrough-preventing features of snapshots are nullified. When a new segment that shows up on the page has no translation, it will be shown as-is.

Extended Audit logs

We extended the Audit log to show events related to Translation Memories, like when a new memory is added to a project. We’ve been logging these events for quite some time but up until now, we had no way to display them. This means that these past events will now be displayed.

Memory added to project

The Audit log was already the first place to check when stating work on an existing project. These new events will extend it so that you can get an image that’s even more comprehensive.

Other improvements

The login process will keep retrying if it times out. This was only an issue when logging in through OpenID, where the remote server may be unexpectedly slow.

We improved the error messages when XLIFF files can’t be imported from Dropbox due to the folder missing.

Project template ID field is now available even if the XTM integration authenticates with OpenID Connect / OAuth2 access token.