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Easyling is a website translation solution
that offers multiple ways to localize websites

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  • Fast time-to-market

    Quick content extraction and easy publishing with JavaScript or Translation Proxy provide a fast time-to-market solution.

  • Cost-effective

    Eliminates copy/paste/sending back & forth workload or tedious content connector installation. The monthly fee includes free Machine Translation and new content updates. Repeated content is handled for free, saving 50-80% of the cost compared to the total word count of the website.

  • Minimal IT or developer involvement needed

    Leveraging 1000+ complex projects' experience, easyling solution experts set up your website translation project and guide you through the whole process until the publication, configuring the platform according to your business and technical needs.

  • Same user experience at the translated website

  • End-to-end automation without software installation

  • Automatic new content detection and translation

  • Post-editing in a visual editor, proofreading in context

  • Layout adjustment and culturalization

  • SEO optimization and search on localized pages

Seamlessly integrates with your CMS and business application tools

and many more

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Website Translation Technology

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Translation Proxy
ultra-scalable, complex system

Complete solution for all challenges in website translation. Every component of our technology is seamlessly integrated. Hundreds of projects experience ensure your satisfaction.

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resource-optimised, client-side solution

Make your web pages multilingual instantly. A resource-optimised way to translate content on websites. Insert only one line of JavaScript code and let our technology do the rest.

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Browser Extension
for intranet scenarios & privacy sensitive data

Easyling's Chrome Extension allows translation of webpages with no access to the CMS / PIM engine at all, combining Professional Translation with Machine Translation/Post-Editing. Excellent for Corporate Intranet scenarios, privacy sensitive data.

Machine translation with

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Professional Services

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Easyling solution experts
support you along the way of your project

Leveraging 1000+ complex projects' experience, Easyling solution experts set up your website translation project. Guide you through the whole process until the publication. Provide guidance on the workflow, steps to take and details to consider in a timely manner, and configure the platform according to your business and technical needs.

Easyling engineers also provide post-publication technical support with predefined SLA for any website translation projects.

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