Easyling Release Notes - 2017 March

2017, Apr 15. - Easyling.com

As March Madness comes to an end, so does another iteration of the Proxy’s development. We have rolled out some new features, squashed a few bugs, and in general, made setting up new projects a bit more comprehensive with our Complexity Matrix feature. See the full details after the jump!

Complexity Matrix

Maybe the biggest feature we have in March is the Complexity Matrix. This is the first vestige of the new Dashboard II, featuring new visuals (based in Google’s Material Design guidelines), brand new technology (Angular 2.0 in Dart), and a whole new feature (said Matrix). The Matrix allows you to make notes during the project setup phase, even before quoting, by answering a few questions on how the site behaves, whether or not there are any display issues, broken functionality when viewed through the proxy, or similar pitfalls that possibly require our support. In the future, we will be transitioning gradually to this new interface, porting over functionality (while enhancing it) piece-by-piece, so keep an eye on our changelog, and our regular release notes to be informed of new features!

Dynamic Dictionary Cached Crawl

Back in February, we have rolled out the first iteration of the Paged Dictionary Cache, promising enhanced page serving speed. In March, we have rolled out an update to our crawler that allows it to take advantage of this cache, making good on our prediction of up to 50% faster crawls. Of course, in order for the crawler to utilize these caches, they need to be enabled on the project first - our support team can render assistance in this.

Additionally, we have also rolled out a number of fixes and miscellaneous enhancements, resulting in an overall smoother and more stable operation.