Website Translation Management Pricing

  • Scoping

    €1 or $1.2
    per 1’000 pages

    Linguistic Analysis
    (Word Count, Statistic, Repetition)

  • Source Extraction

    €2 or $2.4
    per 1’000 words

    XLIFF export
    (for TM Leverage &
    MT Benchmark)

    HTML table export

    Excel/CSV export

  • Translation

    €10 or $12
    per 1’000 words in Translation Storage*

    In-Context Postediting

    Live Preview

    Automatic Change Detection

    memoQ, XTM, XTRF Integration

    TM & MT-based Pre-Translation

    TMX Import

    Translation Import from XLIFF

    (On-line Translation Grid/Editor)

  • Publishing


    Monthly €20 or $24
    per project


    Translation Proxy Traffic

    €1 or $1.2
    per 1’000 Requests

*Translation Storage is the database of all the unique source and target words.
The calculation of the size of the Translation Storage: number of unique source words multiplied by the number of target languages.

Easyling counts unique source words which could save 10-80% of the cost compared to the total word count.

 Professional Services

General Help

Our professionals provide all the technical support that you need for any complex website translation projects, like JavaScript handling, CSS override, customized development.

200 EUR or 240 USD per hour,

Or even managing the entire project for you. Pricing is subject to complexity:

S - 500 EUR or 600 USD

M - 1,000 EUR or 1,200 USD

L - 2,000 EUR or 2,400 USD

XL - 5,000+ EUR or 6,000+ USD


Easyling can be made to appear as your brand, on your domain, with your logo. Additionally, gain access to our full-feature support team to assist you with the technical complexity.

200 EUR / 240 USD setup fee

200 EUR / 240 USD monthly fee

with minimum one year of commitment