Easyling Release Notes, Spring 2020

release notes

We hope you are doing well! Despite these challenging times, our team has been able to make some good progress, and release new features, and migrate several existing ones from Dashboard 1.0 to Dashboard 2.0. See more details after the jump!

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Easyling Release Notes – 2014 June

Another month has passed, and Easyling received several new capabilities, as well as an award during the LT-Innovate Summit in Brussels. The most important of these new capabilities is the new Translation Workbench, an upgrade of the existing List View, rewritten from the ground up along with the advanced Translation Memory (TMX) handling to support migration from other proxy solutions; but we also added the ability to define custom “ignore classes”, HTML classes which are exempted from being translated. See the full list after the jump! Read the full article