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Gala WebinarWebsite Localization with Translation Proxy presented by Balázs Benedek, hosted by GALA
Oct 2nd 2014, 11:00 EDT (17:00 CEST)

“In this presentation, Easyling’s Balázs Benedek explains the Translation Proxy approach to website localization from a technical point of view, introducing the issues an LSP should be prepared for, and how to handle typical and not so typical issues of website localization.”

Registration is free for GALA members, $60 for non-members.

Easyling Release Notes – 2014 June

Another month has passed, and Easyling received several new capabilities, as well as an award during the LT-Innovate Summit in Brussels. The most important of these new capabilities is the new Translation Workbench, an upgrade of the existing List View, rewritten from the ground up along with the advanced Translation Memory (TMX) handling to support migration from other proxy solutions; but we also added the ability to define custom “ignore classes”, HTML classes which are exempted from being translated. See the full list after the jump! Read the full article

Easyling Release Notes – 2014 May

May has passed with a lot of rain here in Budapest, and as the proverb goes, “Rains of May are worth gold”. With that in mind, we’re giving Easyling the Olympic Gold in new features. The platform is now able to process JavaScripts embedded into HTML, and some more of the rarely used features of CSS style sheets. Not just that, but we’re also giving users the opportunity to see how their scans terminate, and to upload customized segmentation rules (SRX files)! We’ve also reworked the website publishing interface completely, building on Google’s new initiative of allowing domain mapping without a Google Apps account.

And on a completely different note, we’re now en route to Localization World in Dublin. If any readers are also attending, hopefully, we’ll meet up! Read the full article

The Bleeding Effect

When using a translation proxy, a frequent question is how new/updated content is handled, because of the time it takes for translators to process the new content and prepare their translations. Apart from using machine translation as a stop-gap measure, the most effective approach is using a staging domain to host your content only for linguists’ eyes before publishing it (and its localized version) for the world to see. Read the full article

Breakthrough at How to Web

How to Web

The first, but definitely not the last triumph of Easyling ticked off. As a proud father, I’m thrilled to announce that Easyling, our cloud-based website translation proxy solution won first prize at Start-up Challenge “How to Web 2011”, the biggest web conference of Central and Eastern Europe. Yesterday, we presented our latest business solution to 750 experts attending the finals of the competition. I have to confess: we are totally blown away by the victory. There were hundreds of submissions, and Easyling surpassed even the ten finalists that got an opportunity to present their ideas to an expert jury of How to Web.

I was happy to receive all the positive comments by all those guys from cutting edge ITC-companies, investors, analysts, specialists, industry leaders. Even without this victory, How to Web would have been a buzz, but now, we are having the time of our lives. And we are overexcited by what the future might hold: by winning this first prize, we have earned tickets and a startup booth at The Next Web conference in April 2012.

By the way, did you know that US$ 2.6 billion were spent globally on website translations in 2010? And the term ‘website translation’ is searched 673,000 times every month; add to this the searches for the term ‘website translator’ and the number grows to more than one million.

Well, with these figures at sight, what else can I say:
make way for!