Easyling Release Notes, Spring 2020

release notes

We hope you are doing well! Despite these challenging times, our team has been able to make some good progress, and release new features, and migrate several existing ones from Dashboard 1.0 to Dashboard 2.0. See more details after the jump!

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Try it: Sales Tool for freelancers and translation agencies

Mass sales tool

In a previous article, we showed you how to use Easyling for income diversification and get more translation jobs by entering the growing field of website translations.

Today we present our new “Sales Tool”, which helps translators automatically create a project for several websites, pre-translate their landing page, and sends an email to the translator with a translation link for post-editing and a direct preview link.

Suppose that you want to approach a group of potential new customers, and you already collected the list of URLs. Or, you work for one customer who has several domains. In our example, let’s target hotels in Orlando, Florida with English-only websites. Let’s review the steps below.

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Business development resources for freelancers and LSPs

To make a living in the translation industry, translators will benefit from being proactive about marketing their services and building their own brand. This is kind of obvious and no different from any other field. To support the growth of your business, Easyling created some useful tools and plan on continuing to do so. (See our previous articles about Income diversification and Easyling’s Sales Tool.)

Translators will benefit from networking with peers, sharing thoughts and tips with colleagues and getting inspiration from time to time. The feeling of community is especially crucial for translators who tend to work mostly by themselves, from their home offices. Fortunately, there are many great resources around the web, many of them for free.

Here’s our subjective list to check out for freelancers.

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