Analytics, Easyling, and You

Google’s Analytics platform is a great tool for measuring site impact and coming up with new ways of improving your site. If your site is already using Analytics, you’ll be able to track both the original and the translated site with the same tracking code (in fact, this is already happening), but by default, Analytics will group the hits from both domains, original and translated, into the same view, and you’ll be unable to separate the impacts of both from one another. Fortunately, it is possible to set up Analytics to do just that for you! Read the full article

Bringing your new website live

Once all the text of a website is translated, the last step is to bring it alive, making it available on a pretty domain, other than the automatically generated one, such as

You can go for registering real top level local domains for every country (such as,,, or you can use only one, and assign sub-domains to each language version (e.g., One way or the other, you have to register your domain with Google Apps (it’s free), just go to

Once you’re done (including the verification), you will have to add the Easyling app to Google Apps, and set the domain where you want to see your translated website. Finally, you’ll have to login to Easyling, and assign the same address to your translation project. To make it really easy, here’s a short video on the entire process.