Solutions for Hosting Providers

Add translation functionality to your ecosystem Expand your offering CREST - Client-Side Translation System - gives you the superpower of the automated translation features. Your customer will be able to translate and publish their multinational content with one single click. Even editing the auto-translated content is easy with the in-context editor. Let's get in touch Every technology partnership is unique, and every partnership starts with a good conversation. Let's get in touch and start the conversation!

Solutions for Translation Agencies

Your Technology Partner for Website Translation Manage your clients' website translation projects with ease Our professional team solves the technical challenges you face with your website translation projects so that you can focus on adding more value to your clients. We provide you with word count and analysis for the project help scoping and quotation technical assessment and solution proposals content export for translation (XLIFF, TMX, HTML, CSV) support for internationalization (RTL layout adjustments)

Website Translation for WordPress

Make Your WordPress Website Multilingual Now you can integrate Easyling Website Translation Technologies with your WordPress website via a simple plugin installation. Easyling plugin for WordPress Easyling WordPress plugin enables the integration of Easyling paid website translation services and provides subdirectory publishing without duplicating your website. Easyling offers unlimited pageviews and free machine translation Easyling is a robust and very scalable website translation solution that offers multiple ways to localize websites.

Solutions for Website Owners

Translate your Website on Squarespace, WordPress, Drupal or any Similar Tool Easyling JS allows you to make your website multilingual in no-time with best in class AI translation. Let's see how Easyling works! Schedule a demo with us to experience Easyling on your website. Book a demo