Comparison of Proxy and JavaScript publishing

Comparison of Proxy and JavaScript publishing 1. Integration, Setup & Onboarding Proxy Easy to complex, depending on client architecture and requirements JavaScript Easy, only requires settings in the site template (single line of JavaScript inserted) 2. SEO Support Proxy Excellent, Content extracted by default, Search engines crawl translated content. URL translation is supported, JavaScript Content extracted by default. Advanced: DNS setting or CDN is used to serve translated content


FAQs Which plan is right for me? Plans are based on the number of unique translatable source words on your website. If you know the number you can choose your plan, otherwise you can get a quote from us. Growing and updating your site means you add more / new translatable words to your project. Once the cumulative number of unique translatable words exceeds the limit of your current plan, the project will be upgraded to the next level of plan.