How can I select / exlude pages from the word count?

Pages can be excluded in the Pages list, either by selecting pages manually, or by specifying entries for path prefixes to be excluded, or included (at the expense of everything else).

How long and how much does the word count take?

Each discovered page costs €0.001 / $0.0014, and takes, on average, one second to assess. Speed may be influenced by the target server’s settings and capabilities.

Analytics, Easyling, and You

Google’s Analytics platform is a great tool for measuring site impact and coming up with new ways of improving your site. If your site is already using Analytics, you’ll be able to track both the original and the translated site with the same tracking code (in fact, this is already happening), but by default, Analytics will group the hits from both domains, original and translated, into the same view, and you’ll be unable to separate the impacts of both from one another. Fortunately, it is possible to set up Analytics to do just that for you! Read the full article

Page modifiers in action: alphabetical sorting of translated text with JavaScript

Some websites contains elements ordered by one of their characteristic, e.g. alphabetical. More often than not, the translated elements requires reordering to keep the original order. In this post 4 different use-case is demonstrated: dropdown list, ordered and unordered list and simple <p> block elements will be ordered using Easyling’s JavaScript page modifier. Read the full article

New User Interface for Translating Websites Online

Easyling newsThank you all, who gave us your very insightful and extremely helpful feedback leading to the latest developments of Easyling.

We are proud to present you the new user interface of Easyling that enables online users to translate the websites in List View or in Highlight View. The recent release also includes the special feature of Pre-Translation with Pseudo-translation and machine translation options.

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How does Easyling work?

Website translation was never simple. So you might wonder how could a professional translation service for your website work with one click? Let us show you the 5 steps you should follow to utilize the services of Easyling:

Extract the text with Easyling1. Extract the text

Just enter your website address and Easyling extracts all the text and images that need translating. No need to putter about with Word or Excel files, translation can start right away!

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