Easyling Release Notes – 2017 January


January meant an eventful launch to the year for us, which resulted in quite a few new features to the proxy that you can use to cater to even more customer. We have added enhanced compatibility with major CDN providers to pass metadata on the originating user, we have added the ability to define a Live Staging domain, and the Dropbox notification email has been enhanced to show you the changed files. Read the details after the jump!

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Easyling Release Notes – 2016 November


November started off with our Halloween special (did you check the browser icon?), and carried with it several new enhancements to the Proxy’s processing ability. The Translation Proxy can now handle stringified JavaScript in other JSONs, we’ve reworded the crawl log attached to the emails, the Remote Cache can now be set to store images as well, and DELETE methods can be used through the proxy (with some caveats). See the full details after the jump!

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Easyling Release Notes – 2016 October


October has been a bit of housekeeping month, seeing the culmination of several features that have been in development for some time. This includes a new translator pipeline, an indicator to alert you if the Dashboard requires reloading, and a new support tab on the Dashboard. Get the details for each after the jump! Read the full article

See you at Locworld32 in Montreal!

Locworld32 Montreal

Do you have questions about website translation? Easyling will exhibit at Locworld32 Montreal, October 26th – 28th.

Drop by for a chat (we’ll be at booth #25) or reserve a one-on-one demo at our booth: Reserve a demo  

Balazs Benedek (CTO, co-founder) and Peter Farago (CEO, co-founder) will be available throughout the conference.

See you there!

Easyling Release Notes – 2016 September


With September came the new school year in Budapest, and with that, the Proxy returned to school to gain new and enhanced capabilities. Among the new features in September are the progress follower UI providing real-time feedback from long-running tasks, the ability to expel historic untranslated content from a project, and a number of invisible-but-important backend enhancements. See the full details after the jump!

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What’s New in Website Translation?


A Recap of Easyling’s Tool Demo at ATC

Balázs Benedek, CTO and Co-founder of Easyling held a tool demo about the features and differences of Easyling’s new JavaScript-based website translation technology and its Translation Proxy solution. As the first step, all currently available website translation methods were reviewed, then Easyling’s solutions were discussed in more detail. Read the full article