FAQ Website Word Count

Can I download the content to make word count in my CAT tool (memoq, Trados, XTM, memSource)?

Yes, after scanning. Read the full article

How many pages can I make word count on with the demo?

You can run free word count for 10 pages without registration and 1000 pages if you register. Read the full article

How can I do word count if there is login / authentication session?

If the site uses HTTP Basic Authentication, the username/password can be set in Easyling, and it will log in automatically. If the site uses another authentication method, the session cookies may be passed along, and Easyling will use these to authenticate itself (although these are not stored between scans for privacy reasons!) Read the full article

How can I select / exclude pages from word count?

Under the Discovery/Pages menu you can set exclusion patterns. Word count will ignore pages that matches with any of the listed patterns. Read the full article

Does Easyling discover all the pages?

Easyling discovers the entire website as if it was a visitor, fetching all the dynamic content as well. However there might be a need to ignore some content multiplicator attributes (like colors, sizes can multiply the entries of a product catalog). In this case you can tell Easyling what expressions, attributes shell be ignored to avoid count the words with the same content multiple times with the different color names in the expression. Read the full article