FAQ Machine Translation Support

How does Easyling handle javascript and ajax generated content?

Easyling can translate JavaScript variables that are properly named in the code, although this requires knowledge of the language and the code in question. Otherwise, content that is not transmitted with the source code of the page will not be detected and translated. Read the full article

What is considered as a repetition?

* 102%: Strong contextual matches: every segment in the block level element (~paragraph) is a 101% match, where all the tags are identical. * 101%: Contextual matches: both tags in the segment, and contexts (segments immediately before and after) match. * 100%: Regular matches: the segment is repeated exactly, including all tags. * 99%: Strong fuzzy matches: tags from the ends are stripped out, words lowercased, numbers ignored. * 98%: Weak fuzzy matches: all tags are stripped out (may have to be adjusted manually afterwards! Read the full article