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Easyling showcase at memoQfest 2018

We had a terrific time at memoQfest, thanks to the excellent organization by the memoQ/Kilgray team. There were more than one highlights, great professional discussions and spontaneous moments at the networking events.Balázs Benedek, Easyling’s CTO held a showcase presentation on website translation. Synopsis: Website translation continues to be a tricky job, mostly because each project is different. However, there are some good practices that can greatly reduce customer frustration during the process. Read the full article

Easyling at memoQfest 2017

We had the pleasure to participate again at Kilgray’s memoQfest on June 8-9 in Budapest. We met with many old friends and spoke with people who came to Budapest for the very first time.Balázs Benedek, Easyling’s CTO held an Integration Showcase session where he outlined the options of website translation. He specifically focused on use cases where it is difficult or impossible to get the source content from the client. Although there are content connectors for the various Content Management Systems (CMSs), configuring these tools and injecting the translations back can be cumbersome. Read the full article

Introducing Dashboard 2.0 and the Complexity Matrix Beta

We are excited to announce that the redesign of Easyling’s dashboard is on the way! We are revamping the current dashboard gradually, one feature at a time. Developing Dashboard 2.0 The goal is to build a design that is scalable and easier to maintain during the upcoming years. Based on Dart and Angular 2 technologies, we follow the principles of Material design. The new dashboard will put the user in its focus, aiming for a more intuitive, user-friendly interface. Read the full article

Easyling introduces JavaScript-based translation

JavaScript-based translation could be a good fit for cases when the ongoing costs of the translation proxy or the fact that a 3rd party proxy provider is involved in foreign traffic raises issues for the website owner.How does JavaScript-based translation work? In case of JavaScript-based translation, the website owner injects a JavaScript snippet into the website. When a foreign visitor comes to the site, this JavaScript downloads the corresponding TM and replaces all segments on the actual page in the visitor’s browser real-time. Read the full article

Easyling's expert webinar on Website Translation Proxy

Balázs Benedek, our founder and CTO covers topics from the basics to advanced levels, including: infinite dynamic product catalogs, CSS overriding, the bleed-through phenomenon, caching needs, content multiplier parameters (color, size, price), using regular expressions, workflow automation for the new content, translating content beyond the login sessions, and more. The webinar is free for GALA members and $60 for non-members. View webinar.  You can also read a summary of this webinar on GALA’s website. Read the full article