Webinar @Proz.com on Website Localization

Webinar on Website Localization Made EasyThank you to all of you in the Proz.com Community, who participated yesterday on Easyling’s Website Localization Made Easy webinar. For those who could not be with us and for those who interested to see it again, let me share the presentation materials.  

As part of the Free training series organized by Proz.com, we had the excellent possibility to show you Easyling, the ultimate software-as-a-service solution for website translation for freelancers and translation agencies. The webinar was great success, with excellent insights and many questions from the audience.

Find the Webinar on Proz.com

Proz.com already published the fully recorded version of the webinar on “Website localization made easy” and the related Q&A session.

See the details of the Webinar here: goo.gl/h6Uq5
Watch the video on this link: goo.gl/YrD5M

See the Presentation Material

To download the slides of the presenation and the contact info here: goo.gl/mSNG3

Or simply watch the presentation on Slideshare:

Website Localization Made Easy – Proz.com webinar presentation by Balazs Benedek from Skawa Innovation


Thank you again for all participants for the valuable questions, comments and all feedback.

Balazs Benedek, Co-founder - Easyling

If you have more questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected]


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