New User Interface for Translating Websites Online

Easyling newsThank you all, who gave us your very insightful and extremely helpful feedback leading to the latest developments of Easyling.

We are proud to present you the new user interface of Easyling that enables online users to translate the websites in List View or in Highlight View. The recent release also includes the special feature of Pre-Translation with Pseudo-translation and machine translation options.

Pages_menuNow, let us see, how the new features work.

First simply log in your account and select your translation project.

The new List View and the Highlight View are accessible through the Pages menu in your project.

Next choose the page (the given URL) you wish to translate. Here you can decide to work either in List View or Highlight view.

List View and Highlight View


The List View enables you to review the full list of text segments that should be translated on a single screen. The source and the translation windows are at the bottom of the list. Easyling will also show when an entry is repeated several times on the page (or across pages).

Translation in List View

The List View offers you the possibility to order the items as convenient: by ID or A to Z of the source or the translation.

In the Highlight View, the translation is placed in context. It allows you to see how your newly translated copy can fit to the given block of the original layout. You can run through the text of the full page by clicking on the next segment arrows.

Translation in Highlight View

With the new user interface we also introduced a new feature: Pre-Translation to help website translators.

Pseudo-Translation, the changing of the current text into a translation copy with scrambled-letter-words, is a quick and free tool to visualize the website as if it was translated. This also helps to check that all the content was found and processed by Easyling.

The other feature, Machine Translation, is only available for those who have subscriptions at Google, or Bing. You can see here on the screenshots how to activate the features using API keys.

Pre-Translation   MachineTranslation OptionsPIKeys

We appreciate all your feedback on the new User Interface of Easyling. Please send your remarks to [email protected] .

The famous saying of Thomas Fuller, ‘All things are difficult before they are easy’, might have been true for Easyling’s online translation interface. Not anymore.


See Video Tutorial here

Dedicated demo for You