Easyling Announces IP-conflict Resolution for WP Engine Websites

Some of our clients who used Easyling on WP Engine hosted websites might have experienced problems with the availability of the translated versions of the sites.

WP Engine does not allow the installation of conflicting plugins, with the possibility of even blocking traffic based on IP address, which can lead to falsely-blocked requests (e.g., if Google’s URL fetch is used, which masks the visitor’s true address). The perceived difference of the True-Client-IP and the originator IP addresses can also lead to blocking.

The conflict can be resolved by allowing/using Easyling’s special header X-TranslationProxy-Originator-IP - which carries the address of the originator, as perceived by Easyling.

This behavior, however, will not be the default setting for WP Engine sites. Content owners should contact WP Engine to activate this option. To instruct WP Engine to make use of the Easyling-specific headers, please send a short message to WP Engine’s support:

“In relation to issue #874002, please enable proxy access on our installation.”

After implementing the activation of proxy access, there should be no blocking issues and there will be no hangups in the operation of translated websites.