Introducing Dashboard 2.0 and the Complexity Matrix Beta

We are excited to announce that the redesign of Easyling’s dashboard is on the way! We are revamping the current dashboard gradually, one feature at a time.

Developing Dashboard 2.0

The goal is to build a design that is scalable and easier to maintain during the upcoming years. Based on Dart and Angular 2 technologies, we follow the principles of Material design. The new dashboard will put the user in its focus, aiming for  a more intuitive, user-friendly interface. During the transition, the current dashboard continues to be actively maintained and supported. We estimate that the migration to Dashboard 2.0 will be completed by the end of 2017.

The Complexity Matrix

As the first element of Dashboard 2.0, we have launched a brand new feature, the Complexity Matrix. The purpose of this feature is to help with project setup, serving as a diary. You can take notes by the various setup categories, using it as a reminder for yourself. CommonMark syntax is supported.

Where is it?

If you log in to, you will still see the “old” dashboard. For the Complexity Matrix, click on its link in the left-side menu and you will be transferred to the new interface:

Dashboard 2.0 Complexity Matrix

And this is the new Dashboard:

Complexity Matrix

We are very interested in your opinion. Let us know what you think about the new Matrix:

[Send Us Your Feedback ]( on the Complexity Matrix)

Next Steps

Following the Complexity Matrix, we will work through the features prioritized by user impact - i.e., more important features come first. The next item will be the redesign of the Pages list.

Read more about the Matrix