Easyling Release Notes – 2018 January

With the new year in full swing, so is development at the proxy. This month, we rolled out a new beta feature completing our Continuous Delivery For Translations pipeline, as well as the option of avoiding population of MT-entries in the Translation Memory. See the full details after the jump!

Machine Translation and TMs

We have had both machine translation integration, as well as TM-handling for a while now. One of the integral features of TM-handling was the ability to populate the contents of the current project and its translations. This, however, did not distinguish between human and machine translations, so even possibly low-quality entries were populated.
With the new option (available on a per-project basis via our support), machine-translated entries are ignored during TM-population, ensuring that only the highest-quality human translations are saved into the TM for later reuse.

Continuous Delivery for translations

Continuous Delivery has been a hot topic in software development for a while now, and we’ve been offering something similar with our Dropbox integration, that allows you to export XLIFFs directly into Dropbox, as well as import from there as a manual action. However, this has not been true Continuous Delivery, until now.
With a beta option, available on a per-project basis from our support team, you can skip the “manual action” part, and enjoy automatic imports launching as soon as you upload the translations to Dropbox. Coupled with our Automatic Pre-Translation capability applying TMs and machine-translating content as needed before producing an XLIFF in Dropbox, and a CAT-tool’s ability to watch folders and create projects automatically, translations can be produced and published faster than ever.

If you’re looking to try out either feature before a UI option is available for them, drop us a line at [email protected], and we’ll activate them for you!

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