Easyling Release Notes – 2016 October

October has been a bit of housekeeping month, seeing the culmination of several features that have been in development for some time. This includes a new translator pipeline, an indicator to alert you if the Dashboard requires reloading, and a new support tab on the Dashboard. Get the details for each after the jump!

New Translator Pipe

In October, we have implemented a fully rewritten translator pipeline. The new system, while still in the preview phase, is much faster and more extensible, able to process wildly different types of content within the same request. In the future, using the new pipeline will become the default, but currently-existing projects are still using the legacy Translator. Adding the new pipeline is possible, though, and will be done on request (or if the project’s structure requires it).

Validation failure UI

We’ve had a safety check on the Dashboard for some time now, involving a validation code that prevent certain attacks on your account. This validation code can expire, however, and if not renewed in time (for instance, your computer is in sleep mode with the Dashboard open in one tab), the server will reject your next request. Now, if this happens, you will receive a pop-up notification of the fact, with the option to reload the Dashboard (though the reload is compulsory to retrieve a new code). Still, it is advised to reload refresh the Dashboard if your computer has been sleeping for some time.

New Support Tab

Zendesk has announced its retirement of the original support widget earlier this year, which left us in a bit of a bind, as we were using that widget to allow our users to send us their questions right from the Dashboard. The replacement offered by Zendesk, however, had critical functionality missing, so we decided to create our own solution. This means that we are able to develop the new widget further, and in the future, you can expect abilities such as contextual help, or the ability to search our documentation directly from the Dashboard. While it is not yet known when these features will materialize, you can expect them in the future.

Developments from this month will enable a number of new features to be deployed in November, so keep your eyes open for our changelogs!

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