Easyling Release Notes – 2016 May

May has been a bit of a behind-the-scenes month: seemingly nothing changed on the Dashboard, but the Proxy gained a lot of new abilities and several changes were made to the backend, out of sight. We’ve moved our email service from Mandrill to SparkPost, we added the groundwork for customized Work Package generation, a global search-and-replace operation, and an on-the-fly editing of the source content before it is passed to translation. See the full details after the jump!

Work Package Enhancements

Work Package Generation has been around for quite some time now, and it has been gaining features steadily, such as the ability to export using custom, one-time exclusion rules. Now, another feature has been added, the ability to custom-filter entries that are about to be added to the Work Package. It is now possible to export only entries that match a certain regex, that draw their content from given HTML tags and classes; and when filtering an already-existing Work Package, it is possible to filter for

  • Unresolved comments on the segment
  • Last modified windows
  • Target content (regex)
  • Where the content was drawn from (machine translation systems, for example)

While these features are not public on the UI yet, if you require any of them, feel free to contact our support channel, and we’ll assist you!

TM Search-and-Replace

Sometimes, it becomes necessary to bulk-edit translations: the customer may desire another phrase in an oft-repeating entry, or the term base used for the translation was updated midway. Until now, the only way to do this in Easyling was to either use the Search on the Workbench, or to download an XLIFF and edit it offline. Until now. In May, we rolled out the ability to start a bulk-edit task on the backend that uses a pair of regular expressions to replace the matching content in every entry.

On-The-Fly Editing

Going hand-in-hand with the ability to edit translations in a task, we developed the ability to do the same for source content as well. In this case, the search-and-replace regexes need to be set up beforehand, and once activated, the regexes will be applied to all content, and the replacements will happen before the source content is passed on to the Translator. Thus, it now becomes possible to alter the source content before translation takes place in the proxy.

SparkPost transition

Near the end of April, our whitelabeled partners received an email warning them of an impending transition and asking for the insertion of new DNS records. These were necessary to retain the ability to send emails in the name of our partners.
With the transition now complete, we have moved on from Mandrill (which became an add-on to paid Mailchimp accounts) to SparkPost, another free mailer service. Since the sending relay changed, this may require the reconfiguration of SPAM-filters or mail servers to make sure that your project managers still receive emails from Easyling as before.

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