Easyling Release Notes – 2014 December

Christmas came and went, and with it, brought us many new and exciting features. Easyling can now preserve whitespaces in translations, letting users insert line breaks; Work Package generation can be restricted to certain paths and pages, in addition to the exclusion rules; we can now create Excel exports of the resources and pages lists (if there are so many of them that it would break your browser’s back); and uploaded Translation Memories can be searched, to see if they contain the proper content. See the details after the jump!

The previously-existing feature of whitespace preservation has been returned to Easyling. If you’ve never used it before, it instructs the browser to present all the white spaces (including line breaks) exactly how you enter into the translation, instead of normalizing them away. This is useful when text expansion causes the localized text to overflow its container to the sides, and entering one or two new line to break up the long line of text into several shorter ones.

You can instruct Easyling to retain any whitespace characters you enter into your translation, instead of normalizing them away, so you can break up overly long lines of text.

The Work Package generation interface also received an upgrade: you are now able to create a work package for a subset of the site without having to edit the already-existing inclusion-exclusion rules. Simply enter the desired restrictions in the generation dialog, and Easyling will obey them, dutifully exporting a subset of the site.

You can instruct Easyling to export only a specific subset of the site, such as only certain pages…

… or certain folders, or even everything BUT certain folders.

Some websites may run their pages to very high numbers, thousands or even tens of thousands. If you want to create a list of these, your computer will get bogged down, or even stop responding altogether as it tries to compile the list. To end this, we created a way to export these lists into an Excel file, which is offered automatically if we’re looking at lists of over 500 elements – in such cases, the list generation is handed off to our servers, and you’ll be notified in an email, containing a link to download the exported Excel table. The same is available for the list of Resources, such as images and other replaceable files.

Back-breaking page lists will no longer break backs: they can be exported in an XLIFF file to download at your leisure.

Finally, we extended our Translation Memory searching to the Dashboard (specifically, the Translation Memories screen), allowing you to search all the memories added to a project, to test them and verify imports. Simply enter the search term, click the button, and have the results and their confidence scores.

You can ask for suggestions from the TM screen as well, in order to test your translation memories. Or just use them as a makeshift dictionary…

On top of these, many many background enhancements were done, enhancing our reliability and stability.

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