Easyling Release Notes – 2014 August

August had a bit of a lull in activity, with our staff taking their well-deserved leaves, so this post is going to be a little bit shorter. But still, Easyling has gained some new abilities and some new fortifications against potential errors.

Firstly, Easyling now handles the “data-src” attributes used by various CMS-s, resulting in their contents being handled as resources. If your site uses these attributes, a simple scan will now discover these as well, and extract their contents into the Resources tab.

Second, Easyling’s caching function has been extended with the creation of the Source Cache. When activated for a scan of the site, Easyling will save the server responses (HTML, CSS/JavaScript, but not images) and replay them for future requests, skipping the remote server entirely. In effect, this turns Easyling into what could be called the “Poor Man’s Staging Server”, masking any change on the remote server (changes will not be picked up, nor will they be visible as Bleeding) by simply not acknowledging its responses until a new cache building round is carried out.

In addition to this, hundreds of little tweaks and fixes took place behind the scenes, leading up to the great developments of September to come. Just one of these to mention is the addition of a new target locale, that of Wales. This is but one of the little things that enable the great leaps to come in September!

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