Easyling Online Masterclass, 2020: “the only good thing about the Coronavirus”

This year’s masterclass was extraordinary. Because of the pandemic, Easyling Masterclass 2020 moved online, making attendance so much easier and resulting in the highest number of masterclass participants so far.

It was our first online event, we were grateful to experience the level of interest.

We strongly rely on our client’s feedback and needs. Therefore, we built our event around the questions that drive us to improve. Our team was glad that you were active partners in these interactive brainstorming sessions on all things related to website translation and the localization process. And while we were sharing new developments with you, we already started to build the new roadmap, based on your feedback.

On the first day we jumped in the middle and showed you all the new features we’ve worked on since last year. It turned out that some of you are not fully familiar with the diverse options of Easyling, so we wanted to cover as much as possible. In the near future, we are arranging beginners' workshops as well to make onboarding easier.

You could also learn about the peaks and valleys of Client-side Translation (known as CST, or in-browser, JavaScript-based translation). Fortunately, we received many great questions on this topic.

On the second day, we focused on the issue of finding good prospects for the proxy - and also offered a newly developed tool for it.
As a closure to our event, we introduced our Professional Services, which is a great option when you don’t have a strong internal localization engineer team. We set up and support your projects for a fixed price, so that you can focus on what you do best - translate.

Thank you again for attending our event, we look forward to seeing you next year in real life or in cyberspace.
If you couldn’t take part, or just want to go through the topics again, please have a look at the YouTube playlist for all the recorded presentations.

1. Easyling Masterclass 2020: New developments at Easyling

2. Easyling Masterclass 2020: Client-side Translation
3. Easyling Masterclass 2020: New pricing model
4. Easyling Masterclass 2020: Cloud Analyzer
5. Easyling Masterclass 2020: Snapshots**