Briefly, what’s new at The New Easyling?

There are 3 changes:

1. Pay-As-You-Go pricing model
2. Brand new website
3. Tons of new features

Pay-As-You-Go pricing model
Why pay for features you don’t use? Why pay when no service has been used?
We decided to charge only when we deliver added value. Also we decided to change our model to be based on word count – which is well understandable and predictable by every LSP – instead of using page modification and page write numbers – which is difficult to make sense of. So now you can exactly estimate your costs for each project.

Easyling has a brand new website!
Now it’s simple, straightforward and easy. The same that we turn your website translation projects into.

Tons of new features
In the last 2 years, we’ve come to a whole new level – however, the process remains the same:

1. word count,
2. content extraction,
3. in-context translation,
4. delivery of the live, translated website
5. automatic change detection

But there are tons of new features to help you with the details. Here are some:

  • Bleed-through handling (what the visitors should see if there is new untranslated content)
  • On-demand installation (some clients want to host all components on their own infrastructure)
  • Integration with XTM and memoQ (working with these CAT tools you get instant preview of the translated website)
  • Javascript-generated content translation
  • Using your own TMX for the translation and word count
Dedicated demo for You