Webinar Recap: Improve Your ROI With International and Multilingual SEO (ISEO)

A guest post by Chris Raulf, Founder of Boulder SEO Marketing

Just as search engine optimization (SEO) can help clients with English content rise to the top in search engine results, international and multilingual SEO (ISEO) can do the same for the translated versions of the content.

I recently had the pleasure of co-presenting a webinar called, “Improve Your ROI With International and Multilingual SEO (ISEO)” with Péter Faragó, Co-founder and CEO of Easyling, the leading website translation platform company. We discussed ISEO and multilingual SEO along with the five main ways to translate a website and the Easyling solution. Here are a few of the highlights that we discussed during the webinar:

ISEO: Search-engine Optimized Translations

ISEO presents a great upsell opportunity as an LSP. If your clients are targeting specific countries to increase their visibility and sales, ISEO can help clients achieve these goals. Just localizing a website isn’t enough because it’s competing with thousands of other websites that are doing the same thing. It takes a concentrated, consistent effort to rank higher in search engine results, but it can be done and it’s well worth it. If clients are going to pay for localized websites, they should also have an ISEO plan so that these sites rise to the top of search engine results, bringing in more website hits, and ultimately, sales.

English Multilingual SEO

If clients are leery at the thought of this process, you can start with something that may be a little easier to swallow called English multilingual SEO. First, what do all these countries have in common?

  * Antigua
  * Australia
  * Bermuda
  * Gibraltar
  * Guyana
  * Singapore
  * The United Kingdom

Give up? They’re all English-speaking countries! The examples above are only a fraction of the total number of English-speaking countries. They all have different search results based on location and here’s where you can help clients. Multilingual, or Locale-based, English SEO can help clients optimize for English terms in other English-speaking countries. This is a unique service any LSP can provide to their clients.

Let’s take a look at an example. Let’s say you’re a company that sells golf balls. Using Google’s Keyword Planner tool, if you type in “golf balls,” you’ll see that on average, there are 33,100 hits a month in the U.S.

Golf Balls Search Volume US

Now if you search on a global basis, the number of hits nearly doubles to 60,000 searches.

Golf Balls Search Volume Worldwide

Taking it one step further, if you do an incognito search on Google Chrome using www.isearchfrom.com to search for the “golf balls” from different English-speaking countries, you get different search results for every country. Here’s an example of what appears when you search from the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK:

Golf Balls Search Results

So if your client wants to target other English-speaking countries, they have the opportunity to optimize for these foreign markets – they don’t even have to translate the content.

If your customers decide they want to translate the content though, Easyling should be your website translation platform of choice. As Péter demonstrated during the webinar, you simply enter the URL of the website and Easyling will give you the estimated costs with word counts and much more. Translators are able to translate the content in-context, which is very important, and they make the content go live with the click of a button.


International and multilingual search engine optimization presents an amazing up-sell opportunity to and LSD. It’s a service that website localization customers need and it will different you from your competition. As mentioned during the webinar, I invite you to create a complimentary account of our self-paced, non-technical, online SEO training. You can preview the first hour for free, including an overview of our process and project templates. The training also covers international and multilingual SEO in detail and discount code easylingvip will get you a $100.00 discount off the registration fee.

We also offer in-person SEO training courses in Denver, Colorado and I invite you to reach out to me if you’d like to learn more about our services.