Standing up for the LSPs’ right to freedom of choice

We at Easyling strongly believe that each LSP should have free access to the latest technological innovations of the language industry. We claim that any intention to limit this freedom of choice is wrong not just for the LSPs but end-users and the industry as a whole.

We do believe that competition should inspire technology providers to improve their services and provide better support to LSPs.

  * We believe in innovation & client education. Companies, large to small, backed by the biggest VC or bootstrapped from scratch, should spend their resources to win clients through innovation, services and client education in the language industry, not by fighting at court, putting competition out of business by outnumbering in lawyers and legal spendings. Disputes first should be resolved through communication, not by air strikes.

  * We believe in freedom of choice: clients should stay because they want to, not because they are forced to with vendor locks. Eventually, they will leave anyhow, if they are not satisfied with the service they get.

  * We believe in cooperation & integration: everyone should do what they’re best at. We do technology, we don’t translate. We let others do the translation, and help them wherever we excel. This is a clear line: we don’t go after LSPs client, but offer Easyling white labeled.

Despite any obstacles, challenges and legal threats we suffer, we at Easyling will continue to fight for our principles, supporting their freedom of choice and enabling their participation in the growing website translation market.