More words than dollars? No problem.

How to translate e-commerce’s infinite content with a definite budget?

The problem Translating e-commerce sites can and could be the most profitable projects -  if only your customers didn’t get a heart attack after receiving your quote to translate 1,200,000 unique words. The problem with e-commerce projects is that site owners are not aware of the scope and price tag attached to the enormous source content e-commerce sites usually have. However, there is a solution you can offer them and close the deal.

Prioritized post-editing Most of the e-commerce clients have a limited budget for their unlimited content, which is far less than needed for translating each and every product. This is why Easyling measures the foreign traffic for each and every product, and provides a popularity ranking for the pages. Once it’s available, the limited budget can be wisely spent on translating the more popular content, while cheap MT can be used for the less frequently visited products.

Easyling provides ongoing popularity ranking to guarantee that you can offer optimal spending for each and every penny of your potential e-commerce customers.